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The community of St. Marks

lives to embrace & serve all 

with the courage of Jesus Christ 

to heal and reconcile ourselves and the world.

We believe in Equality

We believe in equality in the eyes of God, and all are welcome to worship with us.

St. Mark’s has voted to be a reconciling church that welcomes & celebrates all people.  We believe all are people of sacred worth. 

We believe in our community

We believe in using our God-given talents and resources to positively impact our community.

We believe in spiritual growth

We believe everyone in our church family has a place to connect and grow spiritually.

We believe in justice

We believe that through our faith and actions we work towards a world that is fair and just for all.

We believe in service

We believe that our service to God is an everlasting commitment.

SPRC - Staff Parish Relations Com.

This is the Human Resources committee of the church.    Oversees staff and works to build good relationships between staff and the congregation.  They meet monthly on a Tuesday night


The trustees take care of the physical church property.  They fix things in the building as needed and maintain the property for everyone’s use.  They meet monthly on a Tuesday night.


The Finance team oversees the church budget, fundraising and stewardship programs.  They meet every other month.  They, with the SPRC and Trustees members make up the Administrative council.

Church and Society

The Church and Society Team guides the congregation in engaging social issues in our community.  We have handed out BLM signs, held voter registration days and educational speakers.  We meet monthly in the afternoon


The Missions team oversees the special mission offerings taken each Sunday and encourages hands-on mission projects in the congregation.

To get involved in any of these or to inquire about small groups, please contact the church office  at the email on the top left of the screen 

Servant Leaders

Rev. Alberta Ervin, Lead Pastor
Rev. Alberta Ervin, Lead Pastor


Lou Schooley
Lou Schooley

ASL Interpretor aka Hand Dancer

Jay Broeker
Jay Broeker

Music Director

Nicole Messerschmitt
Nicole Messerschmitt


Shandy Crook
Shandy Crook

Office Administrator

Do all the good you can, in all the places you can, for all the people you can, for as long as you can