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    I hope you will click on “Turn on notifications” box on the left corner – it will make sure you know when we go live again

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Walk/Bike/Drive-In Worship 9:30 AM

2675 E Washington St 
Iowa City, Iowa


Frequently Asked Questions


Drive In Worship

Where do we go?

Come to the church parking lot, we have volunteers who will direct you where to park.  During Covid, we park the cars with a space in between so you can crack your windows safely.  We ask that you stay in the car — use the bathroom before coming!

How do I know what's going on?

Click on “Sunday’s Program” at the top right of your screen.  You can print it off and bring it with you, or bring it up on your phone during the service. Its a short service, about 20-30 minutes.    Join us Wednesdays at 6:30 PM on Facebook Live to get more indepth teaching and a weekly interview with community social justice leaders.

How do we hear?

Tune your car radio to 98.3 FM and you will hear us!  If you have an older car, you may want to bring a small FM radio instead of using your car radio – we don’t want you to run down your battery!  Although, if you do, we have jumper cables and will be happy to get you going again.

What do we wear?

Anything you want!  Put a sweatshirt over your pj’s, grab your coffee and donuts and come on over.  We won’t judge, in face, we might be envious!

What if the weather is bad?

If it is raining at 8:30 AM or if there is snow on the ground we will cancel the outdoor service and broadcast from inside the church.  You can watch live online on Facebook


Making a Donation

You can bring your donations to the Drive In and put it in the bucket an usher will be holding as you leave.  Or you can mail it in 2675 E Washington Iowa City, IA 52245.  Or go up to the “Giving” link above and make a donation through PayPal.

Do I have to have a Facebook account?

No. You can watch above, or our FB page is public, so you just click on the link above and you can see us. 

Where is the video? The Lion isn't turning

Don’t click on the Lion, that’s just our logo.  Scroll down a bit and you should see “Videos” on the left side.  When we go live you will see “Live” in Red.  Click on it and it should open up for you.

Or try clicking on this link

I missed it, it didn't work for me.

That’s ok.  Technology sometimes fails us, but God never does!  We edit our Sunday Service on Mondays and post it to YouTube on Tuesdays.  If you subscribe to our Enewsleter you will get a link to the YouTube video in it.  Or you can go right there by clicking here.  Please subscribe to our channel – then you will get an email notice when we post a new video.

How do I know what's going on in the service?

Click on “Sundays Program” at the top right of this page.  Print it off or bring it up on your phone while we worship.

How long is this?

About 20-30 minutes.

We have music, scripture and sermon and more music.  Its a short and simple service.   If you want more in depth teaching, join us Wednesdays at 7 for live teaching and the weekly interview with community leaders who are doing social justice work.  

Worship in the Sanctuary

When will we be back in the sanctuary?

Excellent Question!  We aren’t sure yet, but the Worship Committee, Trustees and SPRC are all working on different aspects of how and when to re-open our church safely.  It will probably be a slow transition to fully open only after there is a vaccine available to all in our area.