St. Mark’s endowment fund has been established by the generous donations of individuals and families who wanted to make a lasting impact in our church and community.  Starting in 2018, our endowment has reached the capacity to begin making grants.

The St. Mark’s Endowment Committee is now accepting grant applications for 2019. The deadline for applications is April 1, 2019. Applications are available in the office or at the link to the right. Completed applications may be submitted to the church office. The committee will meet to review the grant applications and award grants in April, 2019. The amount available for grants will change from year to year based on the growth of the St. Mark’s Endowment Fund investments.

We are accepting applications for scholarship grants.  This grant is open to all St. Mark’s seniors who are planning to pursue further education following high school graduation. This education may include college, community college, or trade school. All seniors are encouraged to apply even if they have not finalized post high school education plans. However, proof of acceptance into an education program will be required before the money is given to the student.

We, the members of the Endowment Fund Committee, are excited to offer this opportunity to the St. Mark’s community. Please consider prayerfully how you might use this money to further our mission.