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Our Mission: 

The community of St. Mark’s lives to embrace and serve all with the courage of Jesus Christ to heal and reconcile ourselves and the world.

Our Core Values:

We believe in equality in the eyes of God, and all are welcome.

We believe in serving those in need. Outreach and mission work is generous, ongoing and impactful.

We believe everyone in our church family has a place to connect and grow spiritually.

We believe in justice for all – that through our faith and actions we work towards a world that is fair and just.

We believe discipleship is an everlasting commitment.

Journey Through Lent

The season of Lent begins on Wednesday, February 14th. St. Mark’s will host an Ash Wednesday service beginning at 7:00 pm. Each Sunday leading up to Easter celebrations on March 31st will focus on sharing the Gospel according to Mark. Please join St. Mark’s as we learn about Mark’s perspective on these last days of Jesus’ life on earth and how this story applies to your life today. Click here to read Pastor Alberta’s invitation for Lent. 

Pastor Alberta will be leading a Lenten Bible Study beginning Sunday February 11th.  She will lead two sessions a week. Each will last about an hour and will be held in the Welsley Room.  Here is the weekly schedule:

Sundays 11:30am and Wednesdays 10:00am in the Wesley Room
Feb 11th and 14th – Psalm 51
Feb 18th and 21th – Mark 11:1-11
Feb 25th and 28th – Mark 14:1-9
March 3rd and 6th – Mark 14:10-25
March 10th and 13th – Mark 14:26-42
March 17th and 20th – Mark 14:66-72
March 24th and 27th – Matthew 21:10

All are welcome to join Sunday morning services in person or live streaming on St. Mark’s Facebook page: St. Mark’s United Methodist Church. Not able to join in Sunday mornings? Watch the recorded service on YouTube during the week.